Buiding Features


Le Windsor is without doubt, a corporate address in a class on its own; an office building rich in history, and architectural charm. It is a fully modernized, class "A", 9-storey office building with over 250,000 square feet.

Built as a hotel in 1878, it was then considered the Palace of Canada. Today, Le Windsor is the proud home of Claridge Investments and  Valeurs Mobilières Desjardins’ head office.

Le Windsor boasts a beautiful indoor atrium which provides year round natural daylight, two magnificent ballrooms and the palatial Peacock Alley, ideal for cocktails or other receptions.


  • In the heart of downtown;
  • Close to Peel and Bonaventure metro stations;
  • Easy access to Central Train Station, Windsor Station, and South Shore Bus Terminal;
  • Direct underground access to the CIBC building;
  • Walking distance from various restaurants, hotels, and shopping centre.


  • Selective in-house parking with ample parking facilities adjacent;
  • Facilities for disabled;
  • Four well-appointed men's and women's restrooms on each floor.


  • Typical rentable area per storey of 17,000 (floors 6 through 9) to 33,000 square feet (floors 2 through 5);
  • Floor to finish ceiling height ranges that can reach up to a maximum of 14 feet;
  • Suspended ceilings with 2' x 4' panels, l' x 4' fluorescent lighting, and CVAC integrated diffusers and sprinklers;
  • Tinted double-glazed windows providing natural light on all sides of the building;
  • Structure of floors entirely made of concrete;


  • Three (3) high-speed passenger elevators;
  • One (1) freight elevator for merchandise delivery;
  • One (1) elevator servicing the 2 basement floors and the ground floor.


  • Security personnel on duty 24/7 and regular rounds after business hours;
  • Fully automated sprinkler and fire alarm systems;
  • Emergency generator for Life Safety Systems;
  • Closed-circuit cameras located in strategic areas of the building, with emergency phone communication system;
  • Card access system for authorized employees, limited to specific floors and prescribed hours.


  • Electrical capacity to serve a total connected charge of 6 Watts per square feet of usable space for lighting and services;
  • Electric emergency generator to 600 volt capacity with selective load cut-off in case of fire.


  • Peripheral electric heating system with independent controls;
  • HVAC systems with variable air volume for each floor to serve separately the periphery and central zones efficiently covering no less than 40 zones on floors 2 to 5 and no less than 23 zones on floors 6 through 9;
  • HVAC systems compliant to ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) norms with regular yearly air quality analysis;
  • Ventilation systems in the office tower operating during business hours:
    Relative humidity: 28% HR Winter (minimum)
                               60% HR Summer (maximum)
    Average ventilation rate: 1.00 cfm/sq feet;
  • Ventilation systems can be operated during off-hours at very reasonable cost;
  • Refrigerated cooling water network available 24 hours a day to answer the climate control needs for a computer room or large conference room.